Birthday gifts should be fun.

Meet Aishwarya and Pradeep

Let us see how this father - daughter pair, selected a perfect gift for Aishwarya's best friend Priyanka.

Aishwarya: Dad! Dad! Dad! We have an emergency.

Pradeep: What happenend my little princess?

Aishwarya: Do you remember my best friend Priyanka? Its her birthday one week later.

Pradeep: Hahaha! So what is the emergency beta?

Aishwarya: I want to do something very special for her, something very unique.

Pradeep: So, let us go to the giftshop in the nearby market and bring a nice gift for her. 

Aishwarya: No dad, I want to buy a personalised gift for her. Something that would have all our special memories and pictures that we have spent together since last 7 years.

Pradeep: Oh! Let me think.

Pradeep: Gift her a personalised scrapbook which have all your memories in it. I think that would be a perfect gift for her.

Aishwarya: Good idea dad. But you know my level of creativity. Even a 4 year kid can be more creative than me. Hahaha.

Pradeep: True. So, what we can do is, we can get it made from some gift portal or website.

Aishwarya: Yes dad. One of my friend told me about a gifting website by the name of Giftire. They make personalised and handmade gifts.

Pradeep: Let us check it out then. Switch on the computer to open the website.

Aishwarya: Why should I switch on the computer to open the website? It is easily accessible on mobile phone. 

Pradeep: Oh great. Let me see. 

Pradeep: They have amazing gifts princess. You can select any of them. Also, they are affordable. I really liked this idea of explosion box.

Aishwarya: Yes, it is nice but Let me call Kritika, the founder of Giftire to ask whether she can make a scrapbook or not.

After few minutes.

Aishwarya: Dad, i called her and she said that any theme scrapbook can be made and no. of pages is not an issue. Also, it would be unique and different with high quality sheets. I think I am ordering it from Giftire, as she confirmed that it will reach us in 5-6 working days.

Pradeep: Great then. Take my card to make the payment. 

Aishwarya: Thanks dad. Love you a lot. Now let me go and collect images and messages for the scrapbook.

Pradeep: Ya, you go. Let me find some gift for your mom too now on