Let us gift, with love.

Meet Sheetal and Seema

How they selected a perfect gift for their Wedding anniversary ?

Sheetal: Hi, Seema!! You know, my wedding anniversary is around the corner and I had terrible experience last year. So I want to make this year very special.

Seema: What terrible experience? You forgot your anniversary?

Sheetal: Naah!! Do you really think so? Rohit forgot. To apologise, he bought some flowers and one standard show piece gift from local gift shop. On the other hand, I got personalised gifts from Giftire which included Photo Lamps, Personalised Parker Pen and a Personalised name wallet. Also, handmade gifts from Giftire itself. So, when I saw his gifts in which he didn’t put any effort I was angry. I don’t want to remember that, it was terrible wedding anniversary night. Hope you understand.  

Sheetal: It’s almost one year, till date he gets “Taana’s” from me that he doesn’t value our relationship, and he got me a standard show piece from local gift shop. What effort you have put to impress, pamper me etc etc. 

Seema: Oh!! my god. Thank god, Sunil is not like this. He pampers me alot. So this time he might cover all those misshapennings and finds a nice gift for his darling wife. But aren’t you late, your wedding anniversary is 7 days away.

Sheetal: I know, that is why this year also, i will order gifts from Giftire today itself as I trust their services alot. I have been to several gift stores and even searched on google and I got very vague results and standard gift ideas from e-commerce portals. Whereas Giftire has alot of gift ideas and huge collection of unique gifts.

Seema: Are you sure about it? This year let’s do a drill to find out a perfect gift for your husband.

Sheetal: What drill? I have already decided to buy gifts from Giftire as it is run by my a known friend Kritika Arora, and they can customised the existing product or create a new gift according to my wish. You too can check it out for all your gifting solutions.

Seema: Ok, just let me check the website and help you select some gifts with you.


Sheetal: And you know what, They have really unique gifts. I must say these are not available anywhere and also you can get them personalised and they are affordable.

Sheetal: They just need 5-6 days to deliver the complete product to our doorsteps.

Seema: Let me check it out as you are praising it alot. (after few minutes) Really sheetal, they have really amazing collection of gifts for every ocassion and for every one.

Seema: I think you can gift Memories Photo Box and it will be a perfect gift for him on your anniversary. It’s personalised, you can have the photographs of good memories and you can write messages too, and it’s not at all expensive .

Sheetal: Don’t you think I should gift something useful or utility gift to him?

Seema: I think anniversary is a couple’s occasion and a utility gift for individual will be little odd. You should go with Memories photo box as your preferred gift for your husband. I am thinking to buy a photo lamp for my husband's birthday too.

Seema: Let me just buy this amazing photo lamp from Giftire for my husband. You too can buy Memories Photo box for Rohit.

Sheetal: Also, If you want to talk to founder of Giftire (Kritika), you can reach her at giftirestore@gmail.com or WhatsApp her on 09811013557

Seema: If your Gifting problem is solved, lets have some food? Also, if you want something to be gifted to you,then you can tell Rohit that and he'll buy you that. Or, just suggest him about Giftire.